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  • Eugene Chavez from CA

    Thanks for the speedy shipment, I'm looking forward to ordering something for myself. Merry Christmas

  • Sally from TX

    Bruce, That is good to hear. I sincerely appreciate your communication. You are very customer oriented. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  • Al from NJ

    I am very pleased with my caps!

  • Lorraine from CA

    Dear Mr. Holland,Thank you for sending the winter Tilley hat. I ordered a size 60 7 1/2 to be sure it was large enough for my husband and it was also snug. We took out the thin strip spacer with the velcro on it and it fit fine.

  • Jim from AZ

    Hi Bruce, I appreciate your excellent service! Thank you

  • Barbara from NC

    Hello Bruce - Just to let you know, the hat you sent arrived in time for our anniversary / business trip - and my husband loves it! I must say - he does look very handsome in it 🙂 Thank you so much for your follow up and great customer service! Have a nice weekend, and thanks again,

  • Yury Zhilkin from Kursk,Russia

    Dear Bruce, I would like to confirm that I received my order and would like to thank you for your service! Kind regards

  • Rosanna from FL

    Thank you, great selection. I will be doing this again It was a pleasure Bruce! Take Care and Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to U!

  • Douglas W. Lawson Captain, Chaplain Corps United States Navy from Joplin, Missouri

    Received the TIC1 Tilley Ivy Cap yesterday (Fast service!!). Not in the habit of spending that much for a cap, I'll never again be satisfied with the cheaper ones. Love the cap; love the service. Thanks! Blessings! Doug Douglas W. Lawson Captain, Chaplain Corps United States Navy, Retired Chaplain, Freeman Health System Joplin, Missouri

  • RUSSELL RENNIE from Canada

    Dear Sir; (BRUCE) I received in the mail my parcel you sent.THANK YOU THANKYOU!!!! THE QUALITY OF THE BERET IS MOST EXCELLENT!!! Shall enjoy wearing !! I will recommend to others your web site for hats!! THANK YOU

  • Troy from VA

    Hat arrived. It is perfect. Great job. Will tell my friends and buy more!

  • Sheila Jeffcoat from TX

    OUTSTANDING service. Thanks so much!!!! My husband will be nice and warm now!

  • Ken from NY

    Hi Bruce, I just wanted to let you know that I received my hat today, just as you predicted. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service, it was truly a pleasure to do business with you. You will be my first stop for all of my hat purchases in the future.

  • Jacob Ira from CA

    Mr. Holland Thank you Sir for contacting me and for the swift shipping. If I ever I have concern about the hat or anything, I will sure you contact you. Regards

  • Pat Hewitt from Atlanta GA

    Thanks, Bruce. your personal attention really sets your business apart from others. My husband LOVES his replacement Spitfire hat. He's a long-time old school biker and is really glad to have his hat back. Best wishes for a prosperous and happy new year.

  • Chelsea from Canada

    Thank you very much! You have excellent customer service!

  • David from CT

    Hi Bruce. Just to let you no my hat arrived on time for new years. It fit and looked really good on me. I can't thank you enough for your fast Service. I love my new hat so much. Thank you thank you thank you .

  • Vicki from Nova Scotia, Canada

    Hi again. One last note- The hat fits perfectly and Hubby just loves it . He is a musician and is planning to wear it on stage. He is on the internet under Monty Sheppard Band. Check him out sometime! Thanks again.

  • John from FL.

    Bruce, Received the hat Fri. Great service Thanks

  • Greg from British Columbia, Canada

    They just arrived and look GREAT Bruce; cheers!

  • Kathleen from NC

    The hat arrived and I love it! Thank you

  • Holland Mertell from Independence Missouri

    Dear Mr. Holland, I recently bought a Tilley Tec-Wool cap from you and I want to tell you its a great hat, we had our first really chilly night last night and wearing it kept my head and ears very comfortable. You might remember that the first one I ordered was too small and you offered to accept it back with a refund, well I like the hat so much that I'm saving the other one to give as a Christmas present. With your high quality products and friendly personal service, you sir, should do very well.

  • Tracy M. Rowell from Peachtree City, Georgia

    Thank you, Bruce. My mom recently lost her favorite hat and I have been on a mission to replace it. Unfortunately, I purchased a beret from and it was too small when it was received. I feel really good about my purchase today from Holland Hats. Thank you so much for the quick shipment.

  • Jeremy Tyree Reno from NV

    Just want to say fast service, loved the hat! better than I thought it would be. I will always buy my hats from HollandHats!

  • Patty from FL

    WOW is right, thank you so much and I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. I found yall online and I certainly will be coming to you in the future. Have a great day

  • Tom Colarik from OH

    Bruce, I received my hat today. It looks great. Thank you for the fast, personal service and low price. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a hat. Best regards

  • Kathleen Taylor from UT

    Dear People...I received my Hat today.....I am very very very pleased with is my first hat like this and I am so happy I could click my heels thanks so much for the prompt service and the reasonable price....hey actually look good in it too! Regards

  • Donald McCulley

    Bruce, I received my R11 Raffia hat today, just two days after placing the order. It fits great, looks great, and has all the advertised features and more than I really expected. This is a fine quality hat for sun protection. I was reluctant to buy this hat online since the Holland Hats deal sounded too good to be true, but it was all exactly as advertised. Discounted price, free-FAST shipping, and outstanding customer service. All online businesses should operate as well as this outfit does. I will come to Holland Hats for all my future hat shopping. Thanks

  • Bryan from NJ

    Bruce & Holland Company staff received the trilby today and I am quite pleased and very very impressed. the hat looks great - my wife agrees. Thanks again for the great quality and your excellent professional customer service best wishes

  • John S.

    Thank you very much for the prompt reply, and your outstanding service. I will certainly use, and recommend, your company again.

  • G Melton

    It came yesterday; my husband thinks it is the finest hat he has ever owned. He is very proud! Thanks for the excellent product and service.

  • Jan Melara

    Hi Holland Hats, The hat came today and my husband loves it. It fits perfectly!! Thank you so much

  • Patrick eGlideGoodies

    Recieved the hat today Bruce. Wow...that was so quick. Very happy, it fits perfect. I run an online business myself and cannot say enough good things about! Happy customer, Patrick eGlideGoodies

  • Mel George

    Hi - Bruce: Received the Borsalino Panama hat early this morning. Thanks for the prompt shipping. The hat fits good and it looks great Sincerely

  • Harley

    Bruce, I received my Biltmore Supreme panama hat Friday and love it. It fits great and is light as a feather. Your service is great and I hope to buy more hats in the future. A guy can never have too many hats!

  • Jeff B.

    Hi Bruce I received my order today. I am very impressed with the outstanding service and excellent quality of the product ... you have a customer for life and I will recommend you to everyone 🙂 Best

  • Paul Williams

    Greatness! Perfect size. Perfect weight for Texas. You picked out a good one for me. Thanks, Bruce.

  • Ted Stekkinger

    Hi Bruce, Got the hat today. Wow, that was fast. Now I can wear it hiking this weekend. I am really happy with it! I like it more that I thought I would. Thanks.

  • Matt

    Matthew Ruiz (Bakersfield, CA) here. I received my Scala Panama (P123) today. It fits perfectly. Thank you very much. I look forward to my next hat order.

  • John Langley from Hot Springs, Arkansas

    Bruce and other black sheep, I had failed to treat myself to a panama hat for years. But which one? Then there it was on your website. With a 4" brim to keep the sun off that was a big selling point since my family has sun-exposure problems on both sides of the family. In addition, I did not expect it to be such a handsome hat in the light of day! Right! It is a beaut! Free delivery and fast, too! Ordered Monday morning and wore the hat at noon Wednesday. Even the end of my long nose is in the shade. Excellent, excellent!

  • Frank S. from North Carolina

    When you have a Larger head like mine (size 8) the only place you should shop is Holland Hats. Expert Service.. Outstanding Customer Care.. They take a Personal interest in your Satisfaction. Five Stars.

  • Margaret Mucci

    Thanks, Bruce, for all of your expert help this evening in selecting a Tilly hat for my husband, Dennis! I know that YOUR price was the best because I had already checked Amazon and ebay. We definitely prefer dealing with a smaller business for the personal service. Appreciate the BEST price, and the $10 "new customer" gift card for a future purchase. We look forward to receiving the Tilly hat, and definitely will "show it off" to others, recommending they contact YOU if they'd like to purchase one. Glad that I made the call in time for a Sunday evening order. Happy Summertime! Many thanks--

  • Anonymous

    Hello Bruce, I wear Tilley Hats 90% of the time. Every Tilley I own ( 6 or 7 , senior moment! *:-/ confused ) have all come in a box from Hamden, Connecticut. Even though I purchase via the Internet I always feel like I am getting personal service..It is ALWAYS a pleasure doing business with Holland Hats!

  • Marvin Loyd

    Hi Bruce, I received the new hat yesterday and you were right, I am delighted with it. In the past few years I have purchased the Capas downbrim, the untouchable panama, a Scala Gambler & a Scala tropical safari Raffia and I enjoyed each one of them. However I believe this hat is better looking than any of them. Thanks for your service and the quality of your hats.

  • Ana

    Dear Bruce, I am most grateful for the exception customer service that you provide! You not only answered my emails promptly but at all times. Thank you for taking care of my return. I would be glad to tell my friends and family that the next time they plan to buy a hat, they have to contact you! Merci Monsieur!

  • Bill R, Command Sergeant Major, United States Army

    Bruce: The Hat arrived today. I can't believe how fast it came, 2 days! And I live in Washington State. Everyone I showed it to oooed and aahhhed oved it. It fits perfect, it's the exact color I ordered, and it was measured exactly the way you have it on your instructions. I researched over 40 websites, and your company was by far the cheapest. The service that you afforded me was the best that I have ever received. I will be wearing it every day in Kandihar province, and be telling the troops about Holland hats, and the LTM6. One last thing, should I water repel it? I know that it already is, however, with terrential rains, will it soak up the water? Please advise. Take care Bruce, and thanks for all your help, and taking care of a soldier. HHHOOOAAAHHH!!

  • William Nelson

    Bruce, I received my TTCH1 Tilley Tec-Cool Hat on Saturday as promised and am very pleased with the hat. As I anticipated, it fits perfectly, so no exchanges will be forthcoming and I will be cutting the tags off. It was a pleasure talking with you and I'm glad I've discovered Holland Hats. If you carry any of the hats I choose to buy in the future, I'll be pleased to buy them from you directly. I currently own eleven hats so I only need 30 or 40 more. I'm actually only half joking about the numbers, but I do have a tendency to obsess over certain things I like such as clothes, watches and shoes. I'd be embarrased to tell you how many of each I own but, as I've been losing more and more hair, hats have become more and more important to me. Thanks again for such good service!

  • Gene M.

    Hello Bruce Received the Tilley today, the fit is great. Thank you for the outstanding customer service. I will tell my friends about your company.

  • Tim from St. Louis, MO

    Thank you, Bruce for your above-and-beyond customer service! I will order my next hat from you. It is so refreshing to find a company that knows what customer service is!

  • Bill from Illinois

    Bruce: Thanks so much for your assistance Tuesday with the Hanna Ivy Cap that I was ordering. It arrived today, Thursday! The size and color are perfect as is the tailoring of the hat. Your service was the best which is a rarity these days. Again thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  • Gerry T. from Long Island

    I bought four Hannah Hats of Ireland from Bruce as birthday gifts for four nephews for them to sport in 2016. I saw two of them at a recent family holiday gathering and to save on postage (and delayed gratification on the part of the donor), presented their “lids. The lads were ecstatic when they tried the caps on and immediately sent out “selfies” and posted images of themselves on Instagram and Facebook. The price and service represented what I’ve come to expect from Bruce and his staff over the course of many years as a highly satisfied customer. I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate this purchase of two of the four styles of Hannah hats that Bruce and his team acquired just before the Christmas holiday. For those looking for a St. Paddy’s Day or St. Valentine’s Day gift or two, check out the fine Carraig Donn “woolens” on the Holland Hats website, especially the scarves and lightweight, toasty warm sweaters. Slán Abhaile.

  • Mark from IN

    Bruce - Received hat already today. Everything is perfect. Thanks for awesome customer service and communication. Will definitely look to you for future business. Thanks again.

  • Ole Gunderson from Utah

    Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt service. My Tilley hat arrived yesterday, a day earlier than expected and it fit perfectly. It was nice to talk to you Mr. Holland and to get the advice about the hat from you. If ever I'm in need of another hat or any Tilley product for that matter, I will certainly contact you, You have earned a customer for life.

  • Barry from NJ

    Bruce, I just wanted to thank you for helping me out with the two hats. I'm very happy with both. Thanks again for your generous pricing. Hi praise from the one who matter most - my wife! Be well and if I have any further hats on my agenda you'll no doubt be hearing from me. And, enjoy the class reunion!

  • Rose M.

    Bruce, I ordered a hat from you Saturday afternoon and it was at my house in Texas before noon today (Monday)! You and USPS make a great team! Thanks so much! I love my wide brim hat!

  • Lisa from CA

    Bruce: Thanks for the fabulous Tilley hat (my first) and the prompt shipping! I was lucky to have found Holland Hats and the LTM2 in Natural in my size. Now I know where to find great hats!

  • Bruce Guynn from NC

    Hi, You have a great store. Shipping time was great, pricing was great, product selection was great, communication was great, and shipment packaging was perfect. Thanks.

  • Todd S. from MD

    Bruce, Perfect! Thanks so much for the personalized attention - much appreciated! I will certainly shop with you folks again, given both selection and service - and the discount on pricing is impressive as well. I’ll be looking for another beaver felt winter hat for business suit wear, and Biltmore is on my short list, as well as a few others you carry. Enjoy the holiday - cheers!