What makes Tilley Hats the best in the world? To start they’re insured, they block 98% of the sun’s harmful rays and they’re proudly made in Canada. There are a lot more reasons too, but we’d rather have you discover them for yourself.

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    Tilley Outback TWC6

    Tilley Outback TWC6

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    Tilley Outback TWC6 – The TWC6 Tilley Outback Hat, designed with a broad brim, employs a modern waxed cotton technology that can be washed, worn, packed, used and abused. The hatband and binding in traditional British tan contrasts the rugged olive colour, resulting in a Hat with true ‘bush-whacking’ appeal. Over time, the waxed cotton fabric develops a leather-like appearance that weathers to the nuances and character of each Hat owner.

      • Guaranteed for life not to wear out
      • Insured against loss
      • Excellent sun protection, rated UPF 50+
      • Dark underbrim for glare protection
      • Repels rain, floats
      • Ties on in the wind
      • Machine washable, won’t shrink
      • 4-page Owner’s Manual
      • Secret pocket
      • Broad brim with ventilation grommets

      Brim size: Front and Back: 3 1/2″ Sides: 2 1/2″
      Weighs 4.9 ounces

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