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Tilley Hats-7 Pages -For $15 Coupon See Home Page*
Tilley Winter Hats,Tilley Caps,Tilley Sun Protection Hats,Tilley Fedoras
  Panama/Summer Hats 19 pgs-SALE COUPON see HomePage
Borsalino, Stetson ,Christys' Panama Hats,Tilley Hats, Biltmore, Henschel, Tommy Bahama, Scala Panama Hats,Capas hats, Bailey of Hollywood
Gift Cerificates
Send an email or hard copy gift certificate to a friend or loved one.
A unique gift that they will remember you by every time they put it on.
  Sizing Chart and Measuring Instructions
At hollandhats.com we want you to have the correct size.
All hats vary in size,we are happy to help you convert your size.

Take a measuring tape,just above your eyebrows,directly around the back of
your head,NOT pulling the tape taught,but rather the way you would like the hat to feel on your head.
Measure to the 1/8",then measure a second time to make sure.
If you are in between sizes when looking at the sizing chart,always choose the larger size to avoid a tight hat.
Should you need reducing foam,hollandhats.com will provide it at no charge upon request or just type "foam" in "notes to seller".
StetsonHats/Caps- 10 Pgs-SALE COUPON see Home page
Stetson Caps ,Stetson Hats ,Stetson Leather hats and caps, Cashmere caps, Stetson Silk Caps, Stetson Linen Caps
  Men's Hats Fall/Winter - SALE COUPON see Home Page
Borsalino ,Biltmore ,Kangol, Christys' of London,Tilley Hats,Scala Hats,Fedora Hats,Henschel Hats,Stacey Adams, Bailey of Hollywood
Top Shelf-FurFelts- 5 Page-SALE COUPON see Home pg
Borsalino Hats , Biltmore Hats , Christys' of London ,Tilley , Scala , Beaver hats, Bailey of Hollywood and more.
  Kangol Hat-Caps and Berets-SALE COUPON see Home pg
Kangol Hats , Wool Caps , Leather Caps and Berets
Leather and Suede- 6 pgs-SALE COUPON see Home Page
Stetson, Kangol , Jacaru ,Scala , Bailey of Hollywood , Henschel, Leather Caps, Leather Fedora ,Lambskin Caps ,Ivy ,8/4 ,Baseball Caps ,Leather Beret , Outback Hats ,Suede Hats and Caps
  Men's Caps - 12 pages - SALE COUPON see Home Page
Stetson ,Borsalino ,Kangol, Christys' Caps,Scala Caps,Caps with Earlaps,Cashmere Caps ,Wool Caps,Driving Caps,8/4 Caps,Newsboy Caps,Ivy Style Caps,Tilley Caps
Borsalino Hats ,Caps and Berets
Borsalino Fedoras ,Borsalino Caps ,Borsalino Berets ,Borsalino Fur Felt Fedoras,Borsalino Beaver Fedoras
  Men's Summer Caps- SALE COUPON see Home Page
Scala Caps,Stetson Caps, Borsalino, Kangol, Henschel, Christys' Caps,Linen caps,Golf Caps ,Driving Caps,Poplin Caps and Cotton Caps
Top Shelf Premium Panamas and Straw Hats
Borsalino Panamas, Biltmore Panamas, Pantropic, Bailey of Hollywood, Kangol,  Christys' of London and More
  Berets - 2 Pages - SALE COUPON see Home Page
Borsalino Berets , Kangol, Basque Berets,Wool Berets,French Berets,Betmar Berets,Scala Berets,Leather Berets.
Women Summer Hats - SALE COUPON see Home Pg
Betmar Hats,Tilley Hats, Biltmore, Stetson, Scala, Plaza Suites, Women Caps,Sun-Protection Hats,Kathy Jeanne Hats,Jeanne Marie Hats
  Hats/CapsW/Earflaps - SALE COUPON see Home page
Tilley Hats, Stetson, Kangol, Christys' Hats,Scala Hats,Henschel Hats,Caps ,Fedoras,Cossacks,Fur Hats,Wool Hats
Carraigdonnof Ireland- SALE COUPONv see Home Page
Irish Knit Sweaters , Beret , Scarves , Hats and Caps
  Stetson 150th Anniversary Caps/Hats
Hats For Woman-Fall/Winter - 11 Pages
Scala ,Betmar Hats,Tilley Hats,Jeanne Marie ,Fedora Hats,Cloches,Wool Caps,Knit Caps,Faux Fur Hats,Women's Dress Hats,Kathy Jeanne Hats
  Top Shelf Caps - Our best
GreekFishermanCaps- SALE COUPON see Home Page
Greek Fisherman Caps Made of Wool,Denim,Cotton,Leather and Tweed -Aegean
  Indiana Jones Hats- SALE COUPON see Home Pg
Indiana Jones Fur Felt Hats,Indiana Jones Wool Felt Hats,Indiana Jones Crushable hats,Indiana Jones Fedoras,Indiana Jones Outback Hats
Bailey of Hollywood Caps   Borsalino Panamas and Summer Hats - Free Shipping*
Borsalino Panama , Borsalino Fino , Borsalino Straw Hats , Borsalino Pulpa Del carta.
Hanna Hats and Caps From Ireland

Hanna Irish Walking Hats, Patch Caps and Tweed Caps. All Hand made of 100% Pure New Wool.

Hanna Hats of Donegal , Ireland

  Large Sized Hats and Caps - 7-3/4 to 8+
Tilley Hats , Borsalino Fedoras , Christy's of London , Biltmore Hats , Indiana Jones , Scala , Stetson , Capas and more.
Christys' Men's Hats-Spring/Summer
Christys' Panama Hats,Christys' Caps,Christy's Straw Hats,Christys' Safari Hats
  Christys' of London Fall/Winter Hats
Christys' Fedora Hats,Christys' Safari Hats,Christys' Top Hat,Christys' Derby
Betmar Women's Hats-Spring/Summer
Betmar Sun Hats,Betmar Caps,Betmar Cloches,Betmar Berets
  Scala Men's Hats/Caps-Spring/Summer
Scala Panama Hats,Scala Caps,Scala Straw Hats,Scala Raffia Hats,Scala Fedoras
Winter Hats For Men And Women
Tilley Hats,Borsalino Hats ,Stetson ,Biltmore ,Scala Hats,Christys' of London,Fedora Hats,Safari Hats,Fur Hats
  Formal Hats-Top Hat-Derby-Godfather & More
Top Hats,Bowlers,Borsalino,Biltmore,Godfather Hats,Fedora Hats,Christys' Hats,Scala Hats,Untouchable Hats,Beaver Hats
Pantropic Panama and Summer Hats and Caps
Pantropic Panamas and Straw Summer Hats and Caps
  Sun Protection Hats
Tilley Hats,Scala Hats,Christys' Hats,Betmar Hats,Outback Hats,Panama Hats
Betmar Women's Hats Fall/Winter
Betmar Dress Hats,Betmar Casual Hats,Faux Fur Hats,Betmar Caps,Cloches,Flapper Hats,Knit Caps,Betmar Berets
  Kathy Jeanne/Jeanne Marie-Hats For Women
Jeanne Marie Hats,Kathy Jeanne Hats,Women's Dress Hats,Cloches,Sun Hats,Straw Hats,Raffia Hats
Downbrim Hats
Borsalino ,Panama Hats,Tilley Hats,Christys' Hats,Scala Hats,Outback hats,Straw Hats,Sun-Protection Hats
Hats Brushes,Hatbands,Hat Covers,Hat Boxes
Western And Outback Hats
Jacaru ,Christys' of London,Scala Hats,Tilley Hats,Western Hats,Outback Hats,Cowboy Hats,Straw Hats,Wool Hats,Panama Hats
  Black Sheep Of The Familywear
Swearshirts,Polo Shirts,T-Shirts,Caps
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  Clearance/Closeouts - New w/Tags - Men/Women
Tilley Hats,Borsalino Hats,Scala Hats,Panama Hats,Christys' Hats,Betmar Hats,Kathy Jeanne Hats,Fedora Hats - ***All Clearance/closeouts sales are final***
Tilley Vests & Tilley Jackets
Tilley Vests & Tilley Jackets features the highest quality construction as well as high-tech innovations.
  Biltmore Fur Felt Fedoras and Panama Hats
Biltmore Fur felt Fedoras,Biltmore Hats,Biltmore Panama Hats,Biltmore Milan Hats
Tilley Hats Fall/Winter
Tilley Fedoras,Tilley Winter Hats,Tilley Caps,Tilley Aviators and Tilley Fur Felt Fedoras
  Henschel Hats and Caps
Henschel Leather Hats,Henschel Leather Caps,Henschel Cashmere Hats and Caps,Henschel Suede Hats and Caps,Henschel Western Hats and Henschel Lambskin Caps
Scala Women's Hats
Scala Cloches,Scala Women's Fedoras,Scala Berets and Scala Fashion Caps
  Tilley Spring/Summer Hats
Tilley Hats,UPF50+ Hats,Tilley Caps,Tilley Vests,Tilley Raffia Hatas
Tommy Bahama - Summer Hats and Caps
Tommy Bahama Panamas,Straw Hats,Summer Hats and Caps
  Scala Women's Summer Hats and Caps
Scala Women's Summer Hats,Broad Brim Hats,Fedoras,Cloches, and Summer Caps,Callanan Collection
Red Hats,Caps and Berets   Borsalino Beaver Fedoras - Free Same Day Shipping
Bigalli Hats-All Seasons
Bigalli Fur felt fedoras,wool felt hats,Panamas,Caps and straw hats
  Phone Assisted Orders
Baseball Style Caps   Caps Under $40

Borsalino Fino Panama Fedora-2-12" Brim -Italy- 100% Straw


Price: $262.50  Sale price $198.50


Borsalino/Doria Griggio Beret-Made in Italy-Free Same day Ship


Price: $98.50  Sale price $75.00


Christys' of London Genuine Fur Felt Foldaway Fedora-England


Price: $249.50  Sale price $178.50

Kangol Lite Felt Player-USA-4 Color Coices-Free Same Day Shipping


Price: $100.00  Sale price $84.95


Outback Panama With Braided Jute-Multiple Colors By Scala


Price: $119.00  Sale price $88.50


The Borsalino Bellagio Fur Felt Fedora-Free Same Day Shipping


Price: $326.50  Sale price $269.00

Tilley Fedora- Montana - 2 Color Choices - Free Same Day Shipping


Price $114.95 


Tilley Hat-LTM6 - 6 Color Choices - Free Same Day Shipping


Price: $84.00  Sale price $83.95


Tilley Ivy Cap W/Hidden Earflaps-Free Same day Shipping-Clearance


Price: $82.00  Sale price $65.05

Tilley T4MO - Organic Cotton Hat-Same Day Shipping


Price: $84.00  Sale price $83.95


Tilley Winter Hat-TW2 - Free Same Day Shipping


Price: $109.00  Sale price $108.95

Welcome to our web site! Holland Hats/hollandhats.com
We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service. You can order from us using our online catalog, or order over the phone. We offer help through e-mails or the telephone. Holland Hats believes in the highest level of customer satisfaction. We have a liberal return and exchange policy to guarantee satisfaction whether your purchase is for yourself or a gift. We appreciate your business! Thank you.

We offer an extensive variety of headwear including Tilley sun-protection hats, Stetson Hats and Caps, Borsalino Hats , Kangol , Christys' Of London, Scala, Betmar, Pantropic Panamas, Henschel, cowboy and western hats,berets,leather hats,crushable wool felt hats,fur and wool felt fedoras,panamas,straw hats,top hats,wool and linen caps,caps and hats with earlaps,and much more.

Here are some descriptions of what we carry for your convenience:

TILLEY HATS-We carry Tilley Hats,Tilley Fedoras,Tilley Caps,Tilley Winter Hats and Tilley Sun-Protection Hats.Celebrating their 25th season Tilley Hats are in a class by themseves.Tilley guarantees all their hats for life (excluding Raffia hats).These Tilley Hats are all rated UPF50+ for sun protection and many are machine washable.They are all water repellent (except Raffia) and most are crushable and packable as well.Tilley Hats also have a secret pocket in the crown suitable to store cash or credit card, a nice touch. Holland hats features Tilley Raffia,Tilley cotton duck hats,Tilley Lightweight AIRFLO Hats,Tilley waterproof rain hats, wool and fur felt winter hats, cotton and lightweight mesh hats,Tilley Hemp Hats, as well as a variety of stylish hats for women.Tilley hats are great for sailing, golf, hiking, or just about any outdoor activity you can imagine.

CHRISTY'S HATS AND CAPS - Christy's is the only company in the world still making high quality top hats and bowlers in the traditional way. Using hatting skills established over 200 years ago, the dedication of Christy's highly skilled craftsmen and women is helping to keep a valuable industry very much alive. Likewise, in Ecuador, there are a small few preserving the skills to finely hand weave the fibers of the toquilla palm used to make Panama hats for Christy's. With some 500 hours involved, 1600 threads per square inch of these fibers are woven together and hand blocked to fashion Christy's Panama hats of sumptuous and durable quality; quality that can not be achieved by any other means.* We have two seperate catalogue pages for Christy's hats--one for Fall/Winter and one for Spring/Summer.
Kangol Hats , Caps and Berets- Starting life in 1938 as a beret producer in the Northwest of England, the KANGOL® brand boasts a long and highly respected history of headwear design and production. In 1983, KANGOL® was in need of a mark to distinguish the now world famous product , the Kangaroo.Today, KANGOL® produces a wide range of headwear that crosses generations and cultures.
Holland Hats sells Kangol products made here in the USA , Britain and all over the world.
Kangol is a company respected Worldwide for it's innovative design and unparalleled fashion.
Stetson Hats And Caps - Holland Hats proudly sells Stetson Hats and Caps. An American company with a rich tradition of producing top quqlity headwear.Most of our Stetson products are made in the USA or Europe.Our summer line of Stetson Caps and Hats  feature ,silk ,cashmere ,cotton and linen.With both classic and new shapes and styles,  there is sure to be one to suit your needs.
Pantropic offers a great collection of authentic Panama hats hand woven in Ecuador. After weaving, their fine Panama hat bodies are then imported into the United States and finished at our factory in Adamstown, PA.Offering a beautiful selection of wide brim and UPF 50+ rated products, Pantropic is the top choice for high quality summer headwear. Stay stylish on the beach or in the garden while protecting your skin!

SCALA HATS AND CAPS-Scala features time honored designs for the traditional hat wearer. A testament to the evolution of headwear, Scala fedoras and caps are classic and enduring with a fresh approach to modern style and the quality touches that one expects with fine headwear. In our catalogue pages you may find a variety of Scala hats, including Scala fur felt fedoras, Scala authentic Panama hats, Scala caps for men and women, Scala wool felt hats of every shape and style, even Scala leather hats.
BORSALINO FEDORAS-HATS-CAPS-BERETS-Borsalino Hats,Borsalino Fur Felt Fedoras,Borsalino Caps,and Borsalino Berets are known for the meticulous attention to quality and detail during production.Borsalino Hats are made in Italy,and have been for over 150 years.When you feel a Borsalino hat,it is easy to understand why Borsalino is among the finest headwear in the world.When you are wearing a Borsalino Hat,you are making a fashion statement,subdued yet distinct.

CAPS-Holland Hats has Tilley Caps, Scala Caps,Christys' Caps,Leather Caps ,Caps with earlaps,etc... for both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. For the colder months, wool and cashmere blend caps come in a variety of colors and patterns. Herringbones and tweeds as well as knits and leathers. During the warmer months linens, poplins, synthetics, cotton, and vented caps are the most sought after.These caps typically come in five types, ivy style, 8/4 style, spitfire style, Ascot (shaped and formed), and baseball caps.We hope you find the one that suits you.

SUN PROTECTION HATS-Whether you want to protect yourself fom the sun's harmful rays or just shade your eyes and look sharp, we've got your sun protection hat. We feature Tilley Hats Rated UPF50+. Tilley hats are well known throughout the industry not only for sun protection but also for unique design and durability. Panamas and straw hats, as well as cotton and hemp hats, will also keep the sun out of your eyes while keeping you cool and comfortable as you're enjoying your day.

WESTERN HATS-Whether your looking for the traditional "Cowboy Hat" or the downbrim western outback style Holland Hats has one for you. Western hats are available from us in wool felt, fur felt (highest quality), or a fur/wool felt blend. Western hats are rugged and built to last in all weather conditions, however, fur felt are best suited to handle rain and snow.

FEDORA HATS-Though the term "Fedora" can cover a wide range of hats, typically a fedora is a center-crease, pinch front crown, with a 2-2 1/2" brim. Any hat with a less than 2" brim is considered a "stingybrim" whereas any hat with a brim over 2 1/2" would be considered a broad or wide brim hat. As crowns go, most fedoras have a pinch front center crease as previously stated, however, a teardrop, telescope (pork pie), center-crease, or diamond block are not at all uncommon. Fedoras come in a variety of materials but are mostly constructed of wool felt or fur felt. Although wool felt hats are treated to repel the weather, fur felt hats are much better at handling the elements over a long period of time.

DOWNBRIM HATS-Usually with a center crease and pinch front, these hats are worn with the brim down all around. Downbrims are usually meant to portray a more casual or leisurely look. Holland Hats carries downbrim hats in wool felt, fur felt, shantung, and genuine panama.

BETMAR HATS-Betmar Hats for women have been a leader in the industry for years. We offer most of the Betmar line including novelty knits, paired knits, Betmar designer caps, Betmar winter/snow hats, Betmar woolen hats and caps, berets, Futura Suede, Chenille, Panne Velvet, Betmar fashion felts, Betmar dress felts, and Betmar faux furs. All at competetive pricing while maintaining the highest quality standards. We hope you'll find a Betmar Hat that suits you.

KATHY JEANNE and JEANNE MARIE WOMEN'S HATS-Kathy Jeanne and Jeanne Marie have a proud heritage of making hats the old fashioned way, handcrafted on presses and molds that are over a century old. Kathy Jeanne and Jeanne Marie hats offer buyers the type of old world quality and craftsmanship that is almost non-existent today. With styles for sophisticates and socialites, as well as beach goers and golfers, Kathy Jeanne and Jeanne Marie's handmade hats suit any mood, any occasion, and any need.

AEGEAN GREEK FISHERMAN CAPS-Made in a small town just outside of Athens, Greece these authentic Aegean Greek Fisherman Caps are an age old favorite. Featuring a variety of colors, available in wool or cotton you're sure to find one to your liking. With a genuine leather sweatband and exquisite embroidering on the visor you"ll be ready to "cast off to sea." We now carry Aegean Captain's hats in wool and cotton as well as Aegean leather hats.

Tilley Hats
Another example of our products.

We take an enormous pride in providing our products, and hope that you'll find something in our catalog that you like. We also can accept special orders for items that may not be listed; call or email and let us know what you want.
We look forward to doing business with you.
Whether you are looking for Tilley Hats,Tilley Caps,Panama Hats,Borsalino Hats,Borsalino Fedoras,Stetson Hats and Caps,Christys' Hats,Scala Hats,Betmars Hats,Kathy Jeanne Hats,Berets,Leather Hats or Aegean Greek Fisherman Caps,Holland Hats has it for less!

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